Top 3 Winter Hats

Baabaazuzu has handcrafted woolen goods since 1993. Over the years, we have remained true to our mission: upcycle and repurpose what we can, innovate whenever we can and create goods with the highest-quality construction. These aren't goods you'd find anywhere; they're locally sourced and produced all with our mission driving us forward. While all of our products employ this standard, some products, like these winter hats, rise to the top of customer favorites.

Women's Winter Beanie Hat

Wool Beanie Hat

We owe slang language for giving this hat its name – “bean” is simply a slang term for “head.” Therefore, a beanie hat covers your head without the obstruction of a bill or visor. (Remove the bill from a ball cap, and you’ll see the beanie and the ball cap have the same shape!) Surfers notoriously wear beanie caps, but where the snow falls, we need winter hats! Our wool beanie hats feature warm, arctic fleece lining.


Women's Winter Ski Cap

Wool Ski Hat

Another winter classic, our wool ski hat has a handcrafted wool “pom pom” on top. The word “pom pom” comes from the French word “pompon,” which is a small decorative ball constructed of fabric or other materials. This classic winter hat receives a cheers from customers every season.


Men's Winter Seamed Hat

Wool Seamed Hat

Classically constructed, the wool seamed hat dates back to the 18th century. Perfect for working and playing outdoors, the folded brim keeps the hat tight against the head. We like this winter hat for its versatility too, but we like to think Baabaazuzu men’s and women’s wool hats are a lot more fashionable than their early counterparts!