Bernie Sanders Sweater Mittens: Perfect for Low Temps & Big Events

When we saw the news that Bernie Sanders wore handmade sweater mittens to President Biden's inauguration event on January 20, 2021, we couldn't help but reminisce about Baabaazuzu's founding in 1993 when no one was wearing this style of mitten. 

Baabaazuzu started selling sweater mittens 28 years ago and agrees with Senator Sanders - they're perfect for low temperatures and go with just about anything!

While our design is often duplicated, it's never replicated. Our wool sweater mittens are upcycled from discarded wool garments, lined with super soft fleece and finished with vintage buttons. No two mittens are ever alike.

Take a look at our selection of wool sweater mittens. No matter your political affiliation, we can ALL agree that upcycled fashion is the most responsible kind.

Have a sweater you'd love transformed? Contact us to make you custom sweater mittens or other wool good. 

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