4 Ways to Tie a Winter Scarf

As an upcycled clothing company, we know a thing or two about styling scarves. Below are our four favorite ways of tying a winter scarf:

Women's Winter Pocket Scarf in Red, Black & Grey

Classic Drape

Seriously, simple works for a reason. Draping a scarf on your shoulders makes it a perfect layering piece under or over jackets and vests. The Classic Drape works so well, we created our Pocket Scarf and Hoodie Scarf to provide an extra layer of warmth with the added benefit of pockets and fleece-lined hoods.

Men's Winter Skinny Scarf in Denim

Wrap Once

Have you seen Pinterest tutorials for the 50 ways to tie a scarf? We'd rather give you 50 reasons to find a quality scarf that stands out on its own without the need for fancy wrapping. For an extra layer when it feels like minus 40 degrees, we suggest one more loop around the neck.

Women's Winter Skinny Scarf in Neutral

Parisian Knot

If you're reading ways to tie a winter scarf, you likely want a fancier option. For fancy, we turn to the French. In the Parisian knot, line up the two ends of your scarf. Place scarf on base of your neck with one end down on each shoulder. Pull end of one side through the other. Voila!

Women's Winter Infinity Scarf in Denim


Our love for this scarf has no end. Simply wrap this infinity scarf around your neck a couple times, and your love for it will be infinite...